We just sent in our first donation check.....
in the amount of $630.00!!!!!!!!

Thank you to everyone who opened up their hearts and wallets and made their purchase of Uncle Gunny's Secret Seasoning!!!

Uncle Gunny's Secret Seasoning & Smokin' Gunny's BBQ Rub donates 100% of the net proceeds to help Homes For Our Troops  build specially adapted homes for disabled soldiers.
My Uncle Gunny (Fred Gunson) created his special food seasoning and rub for family and friend's enjoyment. And now for the 1st time it's being offered to the public for this charitable cause. It's a unique blend of secret seasonings created to eliminate the need for so many other varied spices. Great on anything you grill outside or cook inside.
                    Or for a sizzling hot sensation try Smokin' Gunny's Hot & Spicy
                             'You will only reach for one; the one to use on everything but deserts!"             $6.00
A Season For Soldiers
Comments from "users" of Uncle Gunny's:
"We put it on Tilapia and it was really great..."
"Love it on popcorn...."
"We made scrambled eggs w/Uncle Gunny's....it was fantastic!"
"Put it on my steak.....very good"
"I like it on avacados and tomatoes especially."
"I put it in my tunafish salad and I loved it. I'm going to use it on my green salads too."
"Roasted corn-on-the-cob the other night on the grill....fabulous!"
"It was quite awesome! The sugar in it makes it carmelize and stick to the meat well, without a bunch of sauce!
"The Tumeric in it gives the food an attractive golden glow.
"Best of all, the flavor is great....not overwhelming and it didn't cover up the food, but enhanced it!"
"A little sweet, a little salty, a little savory....in other words, just right!!"
"It's got a peppery taste!"
"My children will only eat their vegetables if I use Uncle Gunny's. It's a miracle!!"
This war has cost over 4,000 American military lives and over 28,500 wounded.
ALL NATURAL, NO preservatives, NO MSG,  Gluten-free and non-irradiated.
The following is a list of how your donations will contribute to Homes For Our Troops:
A gift of $10.00 could help buy: A Box of Nails
A gift of $25.00 could help buy: A Bundle of Shingles
A gift of $50.00 could help buy: A Lever-Type Door Handle
A gift of $75.00 could help buy: A Window
A gift of $120.00 could help buy: A 36" Wide Entry Door
A gift of $250.00 could help buy: A Keyless Entry For the Front Door
A gift of $400.00 could help buy: A Self-Cleaning Toilet Seat
A gift of $500.00 could help buy: An ADA Compliant Sink
A gift of $750.00 could help buy: Grab Bars for Wheelchair-bound Veterans
A gift of $2,500.00 could help buy: A Roll-In Shower
A gift of $5,000.00 could help buy: A Wheelchair Ramp
Every dollar helps.
Homes for Our Troops
We have currently donated over $2000.00!!
Thank you to everyone.
Keep the purchases going!
Food Seasoning
Great for Grillin'!!
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Uncle Gunny's Secret Seasoning
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Food Seasoning

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